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The mission of New Learning Resources Online is to provide a stand out distance learning high school education that is committed to the success of young adult learners who prefer a nontraditional school setting. Along with a staff that has a genuine heart to see students excel, we offer both a college preparatory and career pathway diploma track  that will equip students with both the knowledge and life skills necessary for a prosperous future.


  • Recruiting, retaining, educating, and graduating students whose academic preparation has occurred in a diversity of economic, social, and cultural contexts.
  • Hiring, retaining, developing, and promoting a professional faculty who possess skills and motivation to educate a diverse student body.
  • Building student competencies in a general education foundation that ensures skills in reading, writing, oral communication, mathematics and computer use.
  • Fostering a climate in which students acquire knowledge, values, and skills necessary for success in a complex, diverse, and rapidly changing world.
  • Providing effective leadership and management of the institution’s financial, physical, and human resources to ensure that they are acquired, retained, allocated, and assessed to promote the stability, security, and long term well-being of the institution.
  • Conducting ongoing institutional research as a means of collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information essential to effective planning and evaluation.
  • Emphasizing excellence in instruction.
  • Providing venues for learning to attract non-traditional students.


  • To graduate a minimum of 85% of all enrolled students each year.
  • To demonstrate improvement of faculty performance based on annual evaluations.
  • To achieve a success rate of 85% of all students passing their courses with a 78% or higher.
  • To see an increase in managing valued performance scores and a decrease in turnover over the next three years.
  • To demonstrate that 85% of all NLRO students achieved the goals they set out to accomplish upon enrolling in the program.
  • To achieve a 90% positive approval rating for each course by our online users.

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