Confidentiality of Student Records

New Learning Resources Online is committed to protecting the rights and personal information of each student who enrolls in our program. As an organization that seeks to protect its students, New Learning Resources Online will comply with the following:

  • New Learning Resources Online will assume responsibility for ensuring confidentiality of education records.
  • All persons collecting or using education records must be trained on policies regarding confidentiality of records.
  • Records will be maintained in a locked storage facility.
  • Each agency will maintain a current listing of the names and positions of all employees who have access to special education records. This list will be available for public inspection.
  • A log will be kept in each record indicating the names of the people accessing the record, the date the record was used, and the purpose for reviewing the record. This log must be kept for as long as the education record is kept.
  • Systems  must   allow   parents   to   inspect   education   records   and, under certain circumstances, to receive copies of records.
  • Requests from parents to review records will be granted within a reasonable amount of time and in no case will exceed 45 days.
  • Parents must be allowed to identify records that might be inaccurate and to correct those records. The correction or attempt to correct records must be maintained for as long as the records are maintained.
  • A school  or agency  may  not  distribute  personally  identifiable information without parental notice and/or consent, except under certain limited circumstances.

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