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Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and integrity, New Learning Resources Online (NLRO) is an accredited distance learning program with a straight-forward delivery system that anyone can use.

If you have any questions, please contact an admissions advisor by phone at 601-982-8003 or by email at admin@nlro.org.                                                

To view a summary of our tuition, accreditation, and other information, view our Consumer Information Disclosure.

For transcript, requests either follow the Request link or go to the Student Center.

New Learning Resources Online offers a flexible and hassle-free environment for learners to earn their high school diplomas.  In an effort to provide educational services to learners with varying academic goals and needs, New Learning Resources Online offers our adult learners and students the opportunity to complete courses at a pace that best suits them. NLRO offers year-round open enrollment so learners can get started whenever they like.

NLRO’s distance learning program offers many advantages:

• Distance learning classes led by state-licensed instructors & subject-area specialists

• Open enrollment throughout the year

• No maximum age limit to participate in the program

• Education at your own pace

• Professionally developed curriculum

• Exceptional customer service

The NLRO Team