Grading Scale

All study guides (writing assignments, projects, short answers essays, vocabulary, multiple choice and true/false questions) must be graded by a NLRO instructor.  Writing assignments are graded on a rubric scale.

When using the rubric scale, instructors will check for the following:

  • Student is focused on the topic
  • Student demonstrates logical progression of ideas
  • Student provides variation in sentence structure
  • Student demonstrates a mature understanding of the subject matter
  • Student provides specific details

All College Preparatory Track courses and all Career Pathway courses use the same grading system for weighing lessons/homework/projects/writing assignments, quizzes, tests, and exams to determine the final semester averages or grades.

The following formula is used for all courses in determining a semester grade:

Average of all study guide exercises, projects, and writing assignments weighed evenly – 15%

All assessments that are not semester exams (quizzes, chapter tests, unit tests) weighed evenly – 60%

Semester Exams (Midterm and Final) – 25%

Total – 100%

Grading Scale:

 A   90-100 %

B   80-89%

C   70-79%

D   60-69%

F   0-59%