Proctor and Proctor Facility Guidelines

Please read the material below. At the bottom of the page, you will click a link that will take you to our Proctor Request Form.

What is a Proctor?
A proctor is an individual who agrees to monitor your testing and affirms the exam was delivered in
a suitable environment. The proctor will also verify that the candidate completed the test
according to all of the specific directions provided.

Testing Facilities:
New Learning Resources Online’s exams are available over the Internet. Those arranging for the test
should contact local facilities (community college, library, etc.) to determine if the facilities
meet New Learning Resources testing site criteria. To meet NLRO criteria, a proposed site must

1.   A sufficient number of internet accessible personal computers for the exam candidate(s) to

2.   A secure room in which the testing can take place that does not allow viewing of the test from
outside the room.

3.   An NLR approved independent proctor to login exam candidates and monitor exam conditions.

Arranging for a Proctor:
Anyone wishing to arrange an online exam may nominate a proctor for approval. Those arranging the
exam should ask the proctor nominee if he or she is willing to proctor the exam each time they wish
to schedule an exam. Any proctor nominated must be acting in an official
capacity at their place of business in one of the following positions:

A.  An administrator or faculty member of any accredited institution of higher education.

B.  A high school or elementary school teacher, counselor, librarian, or administrator. A student
who has employment as a teacher may not have another teacher proctor the examination. A school
principal or superintendent may proctor the teacher’s examination.

C.  A local or regional librarian.

D.  A Human Resources manager, a training manager, supervisor, or manager of higher rank at a
company from which candidates will be tested.

E.  Military personnel: a DANTES test control officer, an educational services officer, a base
librarian, or an officer of higher rank than the student.

NOTE: Relatives, regardless of their position, are not permitted to be proctors. Teachers and
professors may NOT serve as proctors unless they are acting in one of the capacities
listed above.

NOTE: All tests must be taken between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm CST on Monday through Friday. Any and all proctors must contact NLRO’s office via email or phone during those hours on the day the student is taking the exam in order for an exam to be taken.

Please fill out our PROCTOR REQUEST FORM

Important note about the process of proctor approval: If you are a potential proctor, once you have filled out the Request Form, expect a member of NLRO’s staff to contact you by email within one business day of receiving the form. Please be on the lookout for this email, as it will begin the process of approving or denying a proctor request. Filling out the Proctor Form does not guarantee that a potential proctor will be approved. If you have questions regarding the process, please call our offices and request to speak to the Curriculum Manager at extension 228.