Student Center/Request a Transcript

Student Manual

Student Catalog     Find information regarding our programs, ethics policy, grading scale, and much more in a printable Adobe/PDF format.

Student Handbook  –  Find information regarding admissions, ethics, transcripts and everything you need to be a better student.

Resource Center

Enrollment Packet     Print out and complete this packet after you application and accompanying fees have been received.

Instructor Manual

Transcript Request     An easy 2-part request form and survey to fill out if you need an NLRO transcript for applying to college, applying for a job, or just for your records. Note: Only unofficial transcripts can be sent to students’ residences. If you need an official transcript, please note that in the “Institution or Business to receive transcript” portion of the request form (“Contact person or department” should be student’s name or “self”).

Diploma Signature Page     In order to insure correct spelling of your name on your diploma, please print out this form. After you complete this form (in legible writing, please) send it back to us, so that we can have the correct information on file.

Student Complaint Policy and Procedures   Please review the attached PDF detailing the protocol for filing complaints should any issues arise.